Code Academies for Youth

Schools - After School Programs - Boy and Girl Scouts.

We offer 6-session courses dedicated to learning and applying a single object oriented computer programming (OOP) language: Python, Swift (Apple), or JavaScript. Classes are weekly, tailored to the availability of the students. Extra sessions can be added as needed.

The first two sessions consist of students learning the building blocks of a computer language, supplemented by online courses through CodeAcademy.com. This is considered the “training wheels” portion.

The remaining sessions are used for students to apply what they have learned as they work in groups to accomplish creating their first text-based video game or application.

At the end of the program they give group presentations to their peers and invited guests, who rate their final project after hands-on testing.

Major Tracks, Smaller Class Sizes:

We also offer more robust training in one of our four tracks (software, video game, web, or mobile app development). These classes are smaller in size, but provide up to 30 hours of instruction focusing on one subject. For schools and non-profits we take on half of the financial responsibility as an in-kind donation for up to 5 students. For example:

5 students = $2,500, each student is enrolled in the 30-hour development track of the organization's choice.